Spring Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn Spring framework from the beginning.Like,many other J2ee frameworks Spring is also a J2ee framework to build j2ee application. To understand Spring, one has to have idea about Java programming language and XML. All the examples of this tutorial has been developed by using Eclipse IDE. So, familiarity of Eclipse or MyEclipse IDE is required but not mandatory. Spring depends on XML configuration files so you should have basic level idea of XML.

What is Spring?

Spring is a lightweight, loosely coupled open source framework used for developing enterprise application.

History of Spring

Spring came after EJB.The first specification of EJB was released in 1998. This specification required the developer to create many interfaces and configuration files which was awkward and error prone. Another major drawback of the then EJB specification was its tight coupling on containers. This prevented POJO based development difficult.
The first version of spring, released in 2003 by Rod Johnson, aimed to address these complexities of EJB by encouraging POJO oriented development.

Advantages of Spring:-

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